Looking for production support from people with practical experience?

Someone who can deal with problems for the small niche producer?

And is used to solving specialist problems for International Media Groups?


Clients and Projects

ITV Network Centre
IPH retained by the Network Centre on an annual contract.

IPH have been engaged on several sizeable consultancies including some which have instigated
substantial change at the BBC.

Grove Television
For Grove IPH advised on the deal, the budget and monitored the production of Space Police a
$36 million TV series.

Co Ventures
Rolf and Friends
A special for ITV

TV Consultancy
British Telecom
IPH retained to provide assistance and advice for their Video on Demand trials.

IPH co-ordinated a joint business plan for a London only cable channel.

British Airways
IPH, with a division of Gold Greenlees Trott and RPTA worked together on business plans for
BA's multi channel in flight TV service.

IPH provided advice on the business and financial aspects of the commissioning process for
an overseas broadcaster at Pearsons request.

Stick With Me Kid
13 hours of Drama with a budget of £7.5 million produced for the international marketplace and funded
by Buena Vista Productions and CLT. This series won a silver  award at the New York Film Festival.

One in Five Million
3 series of women's magazine programmes for ITV.

The London News Network
IPH created a business plan for an interactive cable version of the service.

IPH worked with LWT on their successful ITV franchise document as regards production techniques.

IPH worked with GMTV on programming plans for their winning franchise.

Monitoring & Trouble Shooting
Channel 4 Television
IPH has acted as C4 representative on a number of occasions.

IPH has advised and monitored budgets and suppliers throughout europe.

LWT The Gladiators
Co promoted with LWT the live event at Wembley and Shefield Arena.

London Underground
A Special on the London Music and club scene funded with a German partner for transmission throughout Europe.

Some Production & Project Management by IPH

60 Not Out - 6 by 20min Magazine C4
Absolutely - 24 by LE For C4
Accentuate the Positive - Drama C4
Angola - Current Affairs C4
Arabesk - Music Show C4
Jackie Mason Special - Comedy  LWT
Jackie Mason Special - Comedy  BBC
Josie Lawrence Show - 6 by 3min  C4
Junior Geography - Edu series Thames
Junior Geog. - Edu series 2  Thames
Kit & The Widow - Comedy  C4
Massawa - Documentary  C4
Middle English - Childrens Doc.Thames
Natural History - 2 series  BBC Bristol
Night Of Magic - Spectacular  Disney
Paul Calf's Video Diary - BAFTA award
Pauline Calf's Wedding Vid - Sequel
Disney Channel Kids Awards - An annual BAFTA winning Event held for 3 years at the London Arena and then at The Royal Albert Hall for Disney

Dinner Ladies - Series
My Hero - Series

As Time Goes By-3 series Sitcom BBC
Bandung File - 80 Multicultural C4
Business Studies - Education  Thames
Children First - 15 by 10min  Granada
Dispatches - Current Affairs strand  C4
Distance Learning - 4 by2min  Thames
Django Legancy - Jazz Doc.  C4
Doug Anthony Allstars - Comedy BBC
Dress Sense - 11 by 8min  Granada
Easy - Cinema Add Local Health Auth.
Environments - Education  Thames
EuroDisney Special - 90min  ITV

Pardon My French - 11 by 8min  C4
Posh Frocks & New Trousers -  TVS
Reel Work - 26 by 5min Doc  SKY TV
Regis & Kathie Lee - 6 Talkshows ABC
Savage Strikes Back - Int. Co Pro Ser.
Serge Gainsbourg - Documentary C4
Strategies - 6 by 20min Edu.  Thames
Six Sides Of Cougan - 6 Films  C4
Talk About - Game Show series  ITV
The Disney Club - 100+ by 80min DIS
The Gospels - 7 by 15min Religous BBC
The Reject Show - Comedy  C4

EuroDisney Opening - Live Special ITV
Fiddlers Three - Jazz Doc  Central TV
FAB FM - Comedy Special  BBC
Gladiators - Live at Wembley & Arenas
GMTV - 3 Years 3.5hrs weekly Childrens
Hair Soup - 3min Drama  Yorkshire TV
Home Economics - 91min Edu. Thames
Humdingers - 30min Games Show BBC
Ici Paris - 5 by 15min Language  BBC
Islamic Answers - 3min Doc.  C4
Island Of Strangers - Drama  Thames
Jack The Ripper - Promo  Fox
The Word - Series 1 Youth Mag  C4
The World of Benny Hill - D L Tafner
Turbulence - Theatric release  C4
TV Weekly - 18 by 20min Ent.  ITV
Videothek - 20 by 20min Lang.  Thames
Websters Dictionary - Jazz Doc.  C4
Without Walls - Doc. strand  C4
World Studies - 2 by Edu.Ser.  Thames
World Vision - Documentary  C4

Stick With me Kids - Award Winning Drama series for ABC